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The American actor and filmmaker Tom Cruise is one of the most talented, successful, famous, and highest-paid actors throughout Hollywood history. He is among the most award-winning and most loved actors around the world. With his over $10.1 billion gross earnings, he is one of the highest-grossing stars of all time. Tom Cruise has numerous awards and nominations for his performances as an actor and a producer over the years including three Golden Globe Awards and three Oscar award nominations.

He made his acting debut in 1981 with a small role in the romance drama film Endless Love (1981). His first lead role was in the 1983 comedy-drama film Risky Business (1981). In 1986, he appeared in the lead role of LT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the action film Top Gun (1986), which introduced him as one of the new and most talented actors in the Hollywood film industry. The same year he played one of the lead roles, Vincent Lauria, in the sports film The Color of Money (1986) which earned him critical acclaim.

American actor Tom Cruise in award show.
Tom Cruise

In over four decades, Tom Cruise has played many great and memorable roles in several blockbuster movies. Some of his most successful roles are Joel in Risky Business (1986), Maverick in Top Gun series, Vincent in The Color of Money (1986), Ron Kovic in Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Lt. Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men (1992), Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible series, Jerry Maguire in Jerry Maguire (1996), Nathan Algren in The Last Samurai (2003), Vincent in Collateral (2004), Roy Miller in Knight and Day (2010), Reacher in Jack Reacher (2012), Cage in Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Barry Seal in American Made (2017), and many more.

Latest picture of American actor Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise (Bio)

Full Name:                          Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Date of Birth:                     3rd July, 1962

Birth Place:                         Syracuse, New York, U.S

Profession:                         Actor, Filmmaker, Producer

Active Years:                      1981-present

Nick Name:                        TC

Height:                                 1.7m (5’7’’)

Net Worth:                         Around $570 Million (2021)

Spouse:                                Mimi Rogers (m. 1987; div. 1990), Nicole Kidman (m. 1990; div. 2001), Katie Holms (m. 2006; div. 2012)

Latest picture of Tom Cruise during an interview.
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was born to Thomas Cruise Mapother III, an electrical engineer, and Mary Lee, a special education teacher, on July 3rd, 1962, in Syracuse, New York. Cruise has three sisters; Marian, Lee Anne, and Cass. He was raised in a Catholic household with serious financial problems. His father was very strict and used to beat them as punishment. Cruise has described his father as a “coward”, a “bully” and a “merchant of chaos”.

a very young and sexy Tom Cruise

His father got a defense consultant job in the Canadian Armed Forces, so they moved to Canada in 1971. He got admission to Robert Hopkins Public School. In the fourth grade, he made his interest in drama with the help of George Steinburg. In the drama festival at the Carleton Elementary School, he and the other six boys performed an improvised play on music called IT, which was loved by the audience. This was the first performance Cruise ever gave.

Tom Cruise looking sexy in white tank top.

Most Successful Films of Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible Series

The spy action film series Mission: Impossible is among Cruise’s most famous and most successful movies. In this film series, he plays the lead role of an Impossible Mission Force (IMF) agent Ethan Hunt. The film series follows the life and missions stories of Ethan Hunt and other members of Impossible Mission Force. There are a total of six Mission: Impossible films that have been released over the years and the seventh part of the series is in the production phase now which will premiere in 2022. Mission: Impossible series is among the most successful film series of all time. With its collective budget of $828 million, the series has earned over $3.57 billion worldwide.

Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)
Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

The latest part of the series Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) is among the highest-rated films of all time. It holds a 97% approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes, and 86% rating on Metacritic, and a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb. With its box office earnings of over $791.1 million, it is the highest-grossing film of Tom Cruise’s career.

Top Gun (1986)

The action film Top Gun (1986) starred Tom Cruise in the lead role of LT. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. It was one of the earliest movies of Tom Cruise which earned him global recognition as a new and talented young Hollywood actor. The film was a moderate critical and huge commercial success. Top Gun (1986) grossed over $357.1 million against a budget of $15 million. Cruise received very good reviews for his performance. The sequel of the film Top Gun: Maverick (2021) was supposed to premiere in 2020 but due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, its premiere was canceled. It will now premiere on 19th November 2021.

Lt. Pete "Maverick" in Top Gun (1986).
Top Gun (1986)

A Few Good Men (1992)

Tom Cruise appeared alongside Jack Nicholson in the 1992 legal/lawyers drama film A Few Good Men (1992). In this film, he played the lead role of a young lawyer Lt. Daniel Kaffee who goes on his first trial as a lawyer to prove the innocence of two U.S marines. The film was a commercial and critical success. Cruise and Nicholson received very good reviews for their performances. A Few Good Men received four Academy Award nominations including an Academy nomination in the Best Picture category. His performance as Lt. Daniel Kaffee is one of his best performances.

Lt. Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men (1992)
A Few Good Men (1992)

Magnolia (1999)

Tom Cruise co-starred with Jeremy Blackman, Melinda Dillon in the psychological epic film Magnolia (1999). In this film, he played the role of Frank T.J. Mackey. For this role, he received a Golden Globe Award in the Best Supporting Actor category, a Satellite Award in the Best Actor in a Supporting role category, and an Academy Award nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category. Magnolia (1999) was a moderate commercial success. It grossed over $48.5 million against a budget of $37 million. It received critical acclaim and very positive ratings. It holds an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 8/10 ratings on IMDb. Cruise’s performance in this film is the best you see in business.

Frank T. J. Mackey in the 1999 psychological drama film Magnolia
Magnolia (1999(

Other most famous and successful movies of Tom Cruise are; Rain Man (1988), Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Eyes Wide Shut (1999),  The Others (2001), Minority Report (2002), The Last Samurai (2003), Collateral (2004), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), American Made (2017), and more.

Upcoming Films

Upcoming films of Tom CruiseRelease Date
Top Gun: Maverick (2021)November 19, 2021
Mission: Impossible 7May 27, 2022
Mission: Impossible 8July 7, 2023
Live Die Repeat and RepeatTBA (Pre-Production)
Luna ParkTBA (Announced)
Latest Picture of Tom Cruise
Latest Picture of Tom Cruise

Amazing Facts about Tom Cruise

Empire magazine included him in its list of the ‘100 Sexiest Stars’ in the history of films in 1995.

In 1996, Tom Cruise help a Brazilian actress Heloisa Vinhas while she had a hit-and-run accident victim. Cruise stopped his car and helped her. He also paid her medical bills at the hospital.

Cruise joined a seminary when he was fourteen (14) years old to become a priest. But he quit after one year.

Tom Cruise wanted to become a wrestler but he could not make the school team because of his knee injury. After that, he decided to become an actor.

Cruise loves scuba diving, skydiving, and he also likes to fly his Special S-2B stunt plane.

Tom Cruise loves to fly planes. He received his pilot license in 1994.

He has a cat named Harvey and two dogs named Murray and Basil.

Entertainment Weekly named him the 31st Greatest Movie Star of all time.

He lives in Los Angeles, California with his sister Cass and her three children.

Cruise was supposed to play the lead role in the Bollywood film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), when the film was to be filmed in English language. But the role went to Shah Rukh Khan when they decided to film it in Hindi.

In the scene in Eyes Wide Shut (1999), when Cruise walks through the door. He was required to do a total of 95 takes for this scene.

young Tom Cruise

Best Movies

2018Mission: Impossible – FalloutEthan Hunt
2014Edge of TomorrowLt. Col. Bill Cage
2011Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolEthan Hunt
2017American MadeBarry Seal
2002Minority ReportJohn Anderton
1992A Few Good MenLt. Daniel Kaffee
1996Jerry MaguireJerry Maguire
2005War of the WorldsRay Ferrier
2003The Last SamuraiNathan Algren

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